CITIZENS FORUM is a Peoples Initiative for continuous improvement of quality of life in Yelahanka New Town. The primary objective of the forum is to create widespread awareness among citizens of their rights and responsibilities, and motivate them to exercise participative vigilance to protect their rights and to improve quality of life in the township. In order to achieve this objective the Citizens forum is committed to Create Citizens' movement to initiate appropriate actions to ensure that the Government agencies perform and discharge their obligations to people efficiently and effectively

Focus areas for action by the Forum

  • To improve living conditions, Roads quality and maintenance, Efficient system of garbage clearance, Street lighting and proper maintenance

  • Efficient and potable Domestic water supply, Underground sewerage system Supply of Domestic Electricity - without interruption, Quality, Safety and Billing,Provision and maintenance of storm water Drains

Towards Social Development

  • Promoting Social activities such as Music, sports, painting and cooking competitions etc.

  • Collaboration with other NGOs for mutual support.   

  • Promoting and Encouraging citizen's obligation to pay taxes and co-operation with official agencies to improve governance. 

  • Prevent exploitation of residents by officials of Government agencies.

  • Initiate legal action to secure social justice.

 Towards Organization building

  • Enlarging membership and Fund Raising, Daily, monthly and annual meetings.

  • Quarterly News-letter  Initiate and execute projects which are useful for preserving nature and environment.

  • Creation of cordial relationship with the Civil, Police and Political Authorities 

Women’s Wing of Citizens' Forum

  • Through the initiatives from enthusiastic ladies, the Women's Wing took roots with the first meeting held on 4th March 2006.

  • Plans and Projects of the Women's Wing: 

    • Campaign for garbage segregation recycling of plastics and solid waste management by citizens in cooperation with BBMP.

    • Work in coordination and Cooperation with other Women’s associations. Fund raising to support adult education, skill training, promoting rain water harvesting, awareness to water  and energy conservation, and pollution control.

    • Exhibitions of homemade articles.

    • Helpage Mission.

Achievements of Citizens Forum

  • Emerging as one of the prominent and powerful Welfare Associations recognised and respected by the Civic authorities and the peoples representatives of Yelahanka New Town Popularising the Forum and enhancing the Life Members to about 800 Bringing down crime rate in the area from 1997.

  • Educating Citizens on SAS system of Property Tax.

  • Effectively stopping CMC's illegal collection of property tax for the year 2001-02.

  • Recognition as a unifying force for common cause of people.

  • Convincing BWSSB and getting the chronic water problem resolved.

  • Unrelenting pressure on BWSSB to eliminate air pollution from its sewage treatment plant.

  • Improved Public Transport facilities through interface with BMTC. 

  • Stoppage of more trains at Yelahanka through effective representation.

  • Improved quality of power supply by BESCOM through timely interventions.

  • Development of Parks through support and co-ordination between CMC/BBMP, and NGO's like Goodwill International.

  • Arranging interface between Associations of people and CMC/BBMP and other Governmental offices.

  • Organising and encouraging cultural activities in co-operation with Buoyancy.

  • Cordial relationship with various service agencies.

  • Publishing quarterly News Letter without interruption - enlarging demand for advertisement space .

  • Holding contact meetings.

  • Audited financial reports presented at every AGM and submitted to Registrar in time

Efforts to Continue for:

  • Though Most of the Roads and footpaths are properly built up and Storm water drains are properly covered in most of the areas  efforts are to continue to elicit positive response for repair and maintenance of roads by BBMP through representations by the forum·

  • Door to door collection of garbage need to be watched and proper coordination to be    established by the area representatives (Mitras) to ensure the system works properly

  • Action needs to be taken to initiate official action against vacant site owners to eliminate nuisance and problems to residents who are living nearby these sites

  • Foot path encroachments by business community and footpath dwellers and by parking vehicles causing problems to pedestrians.

  • Worsening traffic congestions and unresolved problems of violation of traffic rules

  • Though the water supply has been made regularly and sufficient quantity, efforts are to be made to regularise water supply every alternative day instead of twice a week as prevalent now


  • Make all possible efforts to eliminate corruption by the official machinery

  • Efforts to continue to liaision with Mother Dairy and BWSSB to eliminate the smell from effluents emendating Mother Dairy and from the sewage Treatment Plant, though things have been improved a lots still to be done. 

  • Surveillances to be made to see the successful completion of the laying of new sewage pipeline and to repair of Big Storm water drain  from Mother Dairy to Sewage Treatment Plant.

Citizens Forum Yelahanka New Town, Banagalore.

Registration No: No 426/2001-02